CC-88 Helping to Green the World

Coal Combustion Catalyst Environmental Benefits


Coal is expected to be the main source of electricity until the year 2025. China, India, and the other Asian countries must clean up their coal-fired power plants and the millions of factories that burn coal, to prevent pollution levels soaring to unacceptable levels both at home and around the globe.

New plants will need to reduce emissions more efficiently than the plants established in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Unfortunately, the older plants still release gases and solids that cause smog, acid rain, lung disease and mercury poisoning. They also produce between 30 and 40 percent of the world's carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions, a leading cause of global climate change.

Accordingly, Asia Coal Catalyst Company has developed a unique compound for retrofitting older boilers that burn coal. Industries using coal-fired furnaces, coal- and oil-fired boilers, coal pellets and briquettes are already employing this excellent commodity to minimize harmful emissions. With only a minimal installation cost, CC-88 Coal Catalyst best reduces pollution emitted by factories, especially in the utility and industrial boilers used at steel mills, chemical manufacturing and concrete / cement industries.

Asia Coal Catalyst is a readily made dry powder that permits older coal-fired systems to maintain existing technologies already in application, and offers the most affordable approach to clean coal burning power systems. By optimizing combustion efficiency and reducing the amount of coal or oil needed to produce steam, Asia Coal Catalyst minimizes the output of CO, SO2, SO3, NOx, and other harmful particulate emissions. The catalyst is completely consumed by the combustion process.

As an emission-control medium, Asia Coal Catalyst sequesters sulfur, minimizing the quantity of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas. It also minimizes the carbon carry-over that normally provides “seeding” of fly ash particles, thereby decreasing particulate emissions (carbon carryover).

Without exception, Asia Coal Catalyst helps users to best improve environmental standards and achieve the most efficient utilization of coal resources. This compound is the optimal solution for environmental problems related to pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions from coal usage.

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