Stoker Fired Boiler

Financial Benefits

Return on Investment

ACCC Coal catalyst provides the least expensive method to burn raw coal in the cleanest and most cost effective method.

Our product improves boiler efficiency through optimal combustion and maximal heat transfer. Significant return on investment is achieved by utilizing all available carbon in the fuel.

In addition, by permitting the use of sulfur bearing fuels you can reduce the need for costly gas-scrubbing equipment.

The financial benefits of using the AC Coal Catalyst approach to sulphur reduction include:

  • Reduce capital costs to make existing equipment comply with environmental regulations;
  • Allow old boilers to be retrofitted rather than replaced;
  • Shorten the lead time for boiler equipment retrofits to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions and lost production;
  • Increase utilization of higher sulfur coals instead of incurring the cost of transporting lower sulfur coals;