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Equipment Benefits

Furnace and Boiler Equipment Operation Cost Reductions

The use of Coal Catalyst CC-88 will remove slagging and maintain a clean operating furnace system. To remove slag that has accumulated in a furnace a higher dose of CC-88 should be used initially for a period of 45 to 60 days. At the end of this period, the catalyst can be reduced to its nominal designed feed rate and the slag will not form on heat transfer surfaces again. The coating of slag and hard carbon deposits inside boiler tubes will become a light friable material that is easily removed by compressed air during soot blowing instead of manual removal of hard carbon deposits.

Slagging of boiler tubes is very common for some types of coal. When this occurs, costly downtime is necessary to clean out the boiler components. In some instances, additional power needs to be purchased by a user to meet sufficient power requirements. With the use of CC-88, the cost incurred from added shut downs due to slagging and related maintenance can be eliminated as well as the cost of buying power to replace power lost during shut downs.

CC-88 will reduce the amount of SO3 emissions and as a result greatly reduce cold end corrosion in equipment downstream of the boiler system such as the air pre-heater, particulate collection device, fans and breechings. Over the years of continuous operation , this will save considerable costs for replacement of the older deficient equipment of rebuilding of furnace boiler equipment due to age related equipment failure.