Asia Coal Catalyst Company - Partner Bios

Robert S. Kripowicz
Advisory Board Member

Robert KripowiczRobert Kripowicz is the former Assistant Secretary for the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy. Prior to joining the Fossil Energy program, Mr. Kripowicz was Acting Deputy Assistant. Secretary for House Liaison in the Office of Congressional, Public, and Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Energy (DOE). Robert was the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Building Technologies in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Previously, Mr. Kripowicz was on the staff of the Interior and Related Agencies Subcommittee of the House Committee on Appropriations. He was responsible for appropriations for DOE programs in energy efficiency and fossil energy, as well as energy, scientific, and land management programs at the Department of Interior. He also served as Staff Director of the Energy Subcommittee of the House Committee on Science and Technology, responsible for energy efficiency, renewables, fossil energy, high energy and nuclear physics, and basic science programs at DOE. Mr. Kripowicz has over forty years of experience in the energy research, development, demonstration, and deployment in industry, and the executive and congressional branches of the Federal government. Mr. Kripowicz has been a senior level manager responsible for development and management of projects and programs with resource levels of nearly $ 1 billion a year in complex environments involving partnerships between government and industry. Mr. Kripowicz has extensive background and experience in coal-based systems for power generation, environmental systems and regulations, and alternative fuels. For the past seven years Mr. Kripowicz has run his own consulting company and has been involved extensively in State-Federal programs and activities, as well as activities related to fossil energy and energy efficiency in China.

Dr. S.T. Hsieh
Advisory Board Member

S.T. HsiehDr. S. T. Hsieh is the Founding Director of the US/China Energy and Environmental Technology Center(EETC) at the Payson Center, and the Pacific Rim Center at Tulane University. Through the EETC, officially established in 1997, Dr. Hsieh facilitates a forum of information exchanges on energy and environmental technologies between governments, international organizations and the community enabling identification and propagation of opportunities for US-Chinese business ventures. Dr. Hsieh oversees the day to day operation in the New Orleans, Beijing, and Shanghai offices wherein project development, U.S./China joint studies on environment and energy issues, and pilot projects to produce near and midterm emissions reductions in China through joint U.S./Chinese efforts are the key focus. Furthermore, he has thirty years experience as an educator in the USA, currently a full professor of Electrical Engineering and a Research Professor at the Payson Center at Tulane University.

Peter V. Smith
President / Chief Technology Officer 

Peter V. Smith - President/Chief Technology OfficerPeter's professional experience began in 1957 as an Engineer, and progressed into Sales and National Sales Management positions. His work includes experience in developing and negotiating contracts and project management, and executing these contracts. He has an extensive background in process engineering of air pollution control including 6 years as Vice-President, Environmental Technologies for American Fast Print Ltd. During this time, he worked with a Czech engineering company to sell U.S. pollution control technologies to Czech power plants. Prior to that he worked at Research-Cottrell in various positions including project manager and sales director for advanced technologies. In 1994, Smith established his own firm, Peter V. Smith Associates, a consulting firm specializing in pollution control. His clients include engineering firms in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Mr. Smith graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a B.S. in Mathematics and a minor in Physics. He has continued his education with courses at the American Management Association, Allen Management Program, Columbia University and Penn State University.

Percy L. Bell
Director of International Business Development

Percy BellPercy has worked more than 30 years for Sears, Roebuck & Company. His responsibilities included managing the concessions for 170 companies and 12 national managers responsible for $600 million in sales, achieving record profits. Percy also was a Merchandise Manager for 12 Midwest markets, leading the country in the best percentage of sales increases, gross profit and inventory turnover. Percy is responsible for Sears' program for branded merchandise. Following his tenure, in 1989, Mr. Bell began consulting to assist companies develop new and profitable markets for their products and services. His clients include the South Korean government, Ace Hardware, Sears, Wharton Business School, Dr. Spock, and JC Penney. Percy is the main speaker for the Korean government seminars for small to mid-size companies interested in exporting their products. Percy Bell received a B.S. degree from Michigan State University in Police Administration (he joined Sears originally in security after military service).

Evan W. Lipstein
Chief Executive Officer

Evan Lipstein - Chief Executive OfficerPrior to serving as the CEO of ACCC, Evan founded HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY, Global Security Group, and Save Water NY. Evan has an extensive background in marketing, sales and product development. Evan has started several successful firms in the building safety, security and environmental conservation business. Mr. Lipstein's other firms operate as NYC's leading provider of safety compliance products and services. Evan is a frequent contributor to assorted publications serving the NYC Real Estate markets and the safety industry. Evan is responsible for developing sales for Asia Coal Catalyst Company, Public Relations and International Sales Development. Evan is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

黄蕾 Huang-Lei (Jenny)
Huang-LeiAssistant to the President

Lei Huang is the ACCC point person in Sichuan province, serving as our Technical Assistant for over a year. Her areas of expertise are boiler surveys, field engineering and translation.