Clean Coal Technology Using Combustion Catalyst

Our Patented Coal Catalyst products offer clean coal combustion and reduce harmful emissions. Coal Catalyst improves energy efficiency and reduces your operating costs.

CC-88 eliminates carbon waste, which improves coal fired boiler performance by reducing slagging and fouling of the boiler system.

Please visit our products pages to learn more about the benefits of coal catalyst.

Benefits of Coal Catalyst CC-88

  • Clean coal combustion
  • Improve coal conservation
  • Improve the environment
  • Reduce carbon particulate emissions
  • Reduce SO2, SO3 and NOX emissions
  • Improve heat transfer
  • Reduces net CO2 emissions
  • Provide significant return on investment

  • Clean Coal Target Markets and Equipment

    China consumes in excess of 2.5 billion tonnes of coal per annum utilizing upwards of 1.1 million chain grate stoker fired boilers. CC-88

    Combustion Catalyst will improve combustion efficiency by as much as 15%.

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